Empowering Parents and their Youth Entrepreneurs in the Creator Economy

Unlock the potential of youth entrepreneurship in the creator economy. We provide the support and resources for parents and caregivers with children interested in digital content creation and social media as a career.

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Expert guidance
Lasha Brown

“CreatorParent.com has been a game-changer for shaping my child's entrepreneurial journey. The guidance and support they provide are invaluable.”

Lasha Brown


Support for parents

We understand the importance of parental support in youth entrepreneurship. CreatorParent.com provides resources and tools to help parents guide their children on their entrepreneurial journey, through technology that is an ever changing environment to navigate.

Support for parents


How much does it cost?

$5 a month. Less than or equal to a numbered value meal. But we'll nourish you better than any burger!

Why isn't it free?

Because like Netflix of old, we're not ad supported. Since we don't run ads, we rely on subscriptions for revenue.

Do you have other resources?

Yes, we have other resources.

Check out our sister website Stem Whisperers https://stemwhisperers.com/

Check out our Podcast Tiny Giants https://www.tinygiants.tech/

Join our community and unleash your child's entrepreneurial potential.

“Thanks to CreatorParent.com, my child's entrepreneurial skills have flourished. They not only provided resources but also connected us with a network of supportive parents and mentors.” - Graham Clark

Meet our Leader

A “pain in the teacher’s class” turned successful Young Black Professional; T. Adeola went from chronic suspension, truancy and barely graduating High School to graduating Salutatorian from Full Sail University’s Digital Marketing Bachelor’s degree program.

From there he went on manage search, social media and email marketing campaigns for National and International conglomerates including Cox Media Group, ACCO Brands and Procter & Gamble (P&G). Now Mr. Osinubi’s mission is to pay it forward by helping troubled males of color escape the school-to-prison pipeline by tapping into their greatness and exposing them to the benefits of professionalism.

T. Adeola

T. Adeola


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